We produce a range of unique 100% timber pickguards for electric guitars, mostly for various models of Fender Strats and Teles, but including other makes also….

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Give your guitar that visual lift you’ve always wanted – and be amazed at the tonal increase too – complete the ‘tone circle’ by mounting your pickups on a FULL 100% TIMBER pickguard, with a beautiful Maple top


Nowhere else will you get the quality of finish and meticulous attention to detail as in our products – a result of forty years of craftsmanship

Available in a range of colours, finished in premium 2-Pak FULL GLOSS, and polished to a level that will enhance any instrument. Quilted, Figured or Birdseye Maple pickguards for Strat and Tele are always available, both modern and vintage, Thinline and Deluxe. Bass types also, Jazz and Precision… Various other guitar/bass styles also Music Man, PRS etc… also custom pickguards

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Why buy anything else or lesser quality when you can have REAL MAPLE . . ??


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