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Brief history…..

…. from 1997, THD had made the 4-10 amp – styled on the Fender Bassman circuit. Other amps followed, a 2-10, also the THD Plexi…. a nod to Marshall’s 1973 JMP amplifier.  Other amps were manufactured over different periods, their now famed accessories also… the HOT PLATE Attenuator, and their renowned 2×12 Guitar Cab and Yellow Jacket tube adaptors.

Production of those amps was ceased in the mid 90’s, but they continued making their range of accessories.

2001 – the THD UniValve new concept guitar amp was introduced, the first of the modern metal-cage amps. ZZ Top’s Billy Gibbons requested he have UniValve serial number ‘007’.

Since then, many other amp-makers have followed THD’s innovative lead. The UniValve included several unheard of innovations. ‘No-bias’ tube-swapping, full equal power to all outputs, 4, 8 and 16 Ohm.. a built-in Hot Plate power attenuator…etc…

So when a barely known amp won the first ever Guitarist Magazine Gold Award, a lot of you were asking ……… “Who the hell is THD?” Now known by leading guitarists around the world, THD is often credited with starting the American boutique amplifier market, and has long been one of the biggest and most influential cult names in guitar amplification.

To quote THD’s founder, Andy Marshall…. “Our amplifiers are designed from the ground up to be of the absolute highest quality and, above all, with absolute consistency”

Gilroy Guitars has been distributing THD Guitar Amps and Accessories in Australia since 2003, the only amp at that time being the Uni-Valve 15-Watt Class A amp Head. Other models followed… the BiValve, the Flexi-50, and more recently their Combo-amps…