this one is just beautiful

green quilted strat  quilted strat

Hello Peter,

I just finished installing the pick guard, here are some pics, as you can see it is fitting perfectly, this one is just beautiful, congrats for your very nice work, fast shipping and all, really thank you.

Wish you the best.

Kind regards,
Hervé - France

Hervé – France

gold figured maple strat

She's a beauty!  Sounds amazing too with the new guts. I'm very happy.

Charles S - USA.

Charles S – USA

mahogany strat maple quilted

Just finished installing this beauty.
Thx again.
David - USA

David – USA

birdseye maple pickguard tele  gold curly strat

Peter - I put these on they are spectacular! The tele is mine, the strat we modified for our music director at the church I attend. Gave it to him Christmas Eve after music service. He loved it! Thx again.

Dave - USA

Dave – USA

it's really more art than pickguard

blue quilted maple tele

Hi Peter,
Sorry for the long overdue email/testimonial. I've attached several photos. Feel free to use any of them.
The pickguard is beautiful. Every time I see it I can't help but think it would put a big smile on Syd Barrett's face (which in turn puts a smile on mine). Vibrant, rich, nuanced - it's really more art than pickguard and adds a whole new personality to the guitar. As someone who really appreciates not just how a guitar sounds but how it looks I am delighted to have found out about your company and that you do what you do.

Thanks again, Peter. It really is such a cool piece. Let me know if you would like any other photos of it.

Jack G. - USA

Jack G – USA

EJ strat quilted pickguard

Here's a shot of one the first pickguards we made for a friend who lives locally..... a really nice EJ Strat.... still looking good after six years... hope you enjoy our customer's pics.
Regards - Peter


but I swear it has more high-end now

black figured strat  black figured strat

Hi Peter,

I just wanted to personally thank you for the amazing pickguard! It fit perfectly on my '85 Japanese Fender, which now looks like it was attacked by a green tiger... Maybe it is my imagination but I swear it has more high-end now, thanks to the maple (sycamore) top, even when unplugged. Regardless, it now looks like the extremely high quality instrument I always considered it to be!

Thanks again,
Mark K - CA - USA

Mark K – CA – USA

birdseye strat in green   red curly maple strat  white strat red pickguard


Hey Peter,

We will have more coming to you. For now, here are a couple more. The name for this beauty is 'Autumn Vibe'. We have her loaded up with Texas Special pups, a custom hand made Zebra Wood neck with a Bucote fingerboard with 21 frets. She sounds great. Feel free to post this on your website.

We are making progress on the MIJ Strat as well. Loading her up with Joe Barden pups. I am really excited about this progress. Here is a sneak peek....
and later.......
I am attaching another pic of the Jap Strat to add to your collection of pics. On the sound, it is a rocker for sure. I put in one of those Schaller super claws also.

Jay – USA

green quilted maple strat

Wow - Thanks....

Eric W - CO - USA

Eric W – CO – USA

looks and sounds like an expensive guitar

all natural quilted strat

Hi Peter

We received the pickguard, and are very satisfied with it. Enclosed are a couple of pics, thanks very much
A couple of words from my partner Robert.......

Thanks very much Peter, I had been looking for this for a while until I stumbled across your site. The guard adds a nice solidity to the sound, kind of like a cross between solid body and semi acoustic, but a lovely clarity on each pickup. Plastic guards sound cheap and tinny.

It is a Squier fat strat and was mid range price wise - I now feel it looks and sounds like an expensive guitar, thanks again for your time and effort, much appreciated - Regards, Robert.

cheers..... Robert and Irene - NSW - Australia


Robert and Irene – NSW – Aus

black quilted maple strat

Just picked it up this morning. It looks beautiful. Thank you so much, I will get pictures to you as soon as the body is painted.

Thanks again,

Charles S - MO - USA

Charles S – MO – USA

The pick guard is STUNNING!!

purple figured maple strat


The pick guard is STUNNING!! Everything fit perfect, although I had to drill 2 smaller holes in it to allow for my toggle switches. It will compliment my tour rig very nicely, and I'll refer many people to you....

The guitar I put your guard on is a 2011 American Standard Strat, with the racing stripes added to look like the Kenny Wayne Shepherd model. It has a Fishman Powerbridge and PowerChip, Seymour Duncan Everything pickup configuration, and a kill switch (the flat toggle).
Bruce D - KS - USA

Bruce D – KS – USA

HSS red quilt strat

Hi Peter,

The pick guard has arrived and looks great.  I have fitted it and will send you a photo for your website in the next week or two. It fits fine.

Thanks for help with this.
Alex H. - UK

Alex H – UK

This thing is fantastic!

black quilt maple strat

Peter, Peter, Peter....

This thing is fantastic! Really glad I waited and got just what I wanted, better really.
The quilt came out a great combination of shades, enough dark to look black, but light enough to really see the detail. In direct sun I can even see some hues of light blue (I'm sure from the black stain) very subtle but a cool surprise in the right light. The pattern is what I was looking for, but we already knew that after getting to choose which one I wanted. The clear finish is really classy as well. You are a true craftsman. I saw nothing but good things about you on the internet which was a big part of my decision to go with you, and in my hand the product lives up to expectations.

David O. CA - USA

David O – CA – USA

natural figured maple strat  rear tremcover natural figured

Hey Peter,

Here are some photos of my Strat with your pickguard on it. I've achieved my intention, which was to have no plastic parts. The knobs are Zebrawood, and all other components are gold-plated. Hope you like the pics.

Aaron S. Vic - Australia

Aaron S – Vic – Aus

birdseye tele mexican sun

We received the pickguard today with enough time for Jason to put it on before his gig! Looks amazing! Thanks again for everything!
Emily - TX - USA

Jason – TX – USA

blue green P-Bass quilted maple

Good morning, Peter!
Here are some photos.  A couple of them are pretty close to the subtle sea colours.  5 gigs between now and New Year so great opportunity to show off my 'new' bass!
Astrid D - Ireland

Astrid D – Ireland

gosia guitars joe perry green quilt

Here is the Joe Perry ready. The client is very satisfied
Thanks again. will order again
And many thanks what you did for us !!!!


I wouldn't change a thing...

natural quilted maple strat

Hey Pete

I am super happy with the pickguard.  It compliments the birdseye maple perfectly, I wouldn't change a thing.

My pleasure doing business w/you (this was a customer's own cut in a natural quilted - P.)

Best, Moose
Lynn S - FL - USA

Moose – FL – USA

Rather sexy....

silver white natural jazz bass  silver white natural figured strat

Hi Peter

Here is a nice picture of the figured pickguard on the bass! Rather sexy.... and the matching Strat....

Bobby C, (Dr. Mojo Custom Guitars) - TN - USA

Bobby C – TN – USA

blue quilted maple strat

Wow Peter!

It came today, and I'm thrilled! Way better than I'd hoped. Thanks again, it looks amazing!

Chip J - UT - USA

Chip J – UT – USA

The pickguard (absolutely gorgeous)

black quilted strat

Hello Peter,

Just wanted to thank you for your fantastic service in regards to my order, I will be telling all my muso friends! 🙂
The pickguard (absolutely gorgeous) was received yesterday and I installed it onto my Jeff Beck last night.
It has given the guitar a brand new look and I'm extremely happy with it!
Thanks again Peter, all the best.
Andrew D - WA - Australia

Andrew D – WA – Aus

gold figured tele

Hiya Pete,
I am absolutely stoked with the pickguard for my Tele. It just glows. When I look at all the other beautiful guards on the guitars on your site, it just makes me want to have a few more guitars. They are stunning, and really make all the guitars so much more exciting to look at. Great to see them going all over the world, and I hope your business thrives. It certainly deserves to.  Thanks again so much.
Cheers,  Paul
Paul P - UK

Paul P – UK

It looks absolutely beautiful

black quilted tele

Peter - the new one arrived today! It looks absolutely beautiful. I'm very happy with it.

Thank you - Mike R - AZ - USA

Mike R – AZ – USA

orange figured maple strat

Hi Peter,

Just got the pickguard today and it looks great.  It replaced a plain black pickguard on my black strat so the difference is pretty drastic and  I love it.  The curly maple is gorgeous and with my copper colored pickups, I think it's an awesome look.  Thanks for the great job with packing it up safely.  It made the trip just fine.

Thanks again.  It was a nice experience.  Keep up the great work.

Neal P., NC

Neal P – NC – USA

you did a great job there, thank you

natural birdseye strat pickguard

Hi Peter

Yes I received it a while ago, I'm very happy of course. It's exactly what I wanted, it goes perfectly with the colours of my Strat. Now it's really MY guitar if you know what I mean, she's unique.

It's perfect, you did a great job there, thank you 🙂

Adrien G. - France

Adrien G – France

dr mojo and vince gill  red figured strat

Howdy Peter

You'll be glad to know Vince Gill now owns this Dr.MoJo Custom Guitar equipped with one of your beautiful 'guards!

Dr Mojo Guitars – TN

I'm very pleased...

natural birdseye tele

Opened it, and it matches the neck perfectly. I'm very pleased. I'll take some photos tomorrow and send them to you so you can judge for yourself. Well worth the wait. Thanks again.
- a beauty up close and personal.

Ed M. - USA

Ed M – USA

red figured maple pickguard  Dr Mojo red figured tele

Hi Peter

Just got her together today!
I'm sitting here looking at the matching Strat & Tele right now...quite impressive, IMHO. Would love to sell them as a matching set!!!
I have some guitar shows coming up this winter. Who knows?
Thanks for all your help getting this crazy idea of mine together, anyway.

Sounds as good as she looks!
I can't get over how good this strat sounds. Kind of like a regular strat's evil twin.
Thanks.... Bobby C, (Dr. Mojo Custom Guitars) - TN - USA

Dr Mojo Guitars


quilt strat quilt tele


I received your two pieces that you produced for me. They are stunning. The fit was as tight as can be, and exact. Thank you for such fine work. Here is a picture with another guitar that has a rosewood guard. Thank you for such fine quality work

Cheers - Harley D - Portland Oregon

Harley D – USA

red figured strat

Hi Peter,

Just wanted to thank you for the excellent customer service you showed me in helping me choose a pick guard for my Squier Strat.

Going the extra mile as you did, in oiling the fretboard, adjusting the bridge for a lower action etc was just fantastic on your part.

The pick guard itself is amazing. The photos on your website don't quite do them justice. I took the guitar in to one of the local guitar shops the next day and enquired about new pickups. Both the salesman, and the interstate Fender sales rep who just happened to be there by chance both commented on how awesome it looked.

You certainly produce a great product at a great price and deliver it with great customer service.

David G - NSW - Aus.

David G – Aus

mahogany quilted tele

Hi Peter.... Pickguards arrived in good order. Everything looks great!

Check out my website dr-mojo.com.
Thanks, Bobby C., TN - USA

Dr.Mojo Guitars

black strat birdseye pickguard

from Dean R, AZ - USA
(This guitar is stunning, deep black, all gold hardware, Babicz trem - hopefully it translates on this 'Gallery' - Peter)

Dean R – AZ – USA

TV Jones figured maple tele

Hi Peter
Well, the pickup sounds great and the pickguard looks very good, if this is a b-matched sample, the premium samples must look stunning.
The pickup is TV Jones Classic, English mount to get maximum coupling to the pickguard and minimal to the body. I love the sound of it so much that every time I switch to the bridge pickup I flip it back to the neck pickup. So obviously there is a Classic Plus for the bridge position on the horizon. Anyway, here is a picture of the Tele, complete with ebony fretboard, ivoroid  knobs and a white selector-switch knob!

Regards - Per L - Norway

Per L – Norway

figured maple strat

It arrived in exactly 14 days.
The pick guard looks great and I'm sure I will be purchasing another from you in the near future.
Thanks.     Mark. FL. USA

Mark – FL – USA

the tone is incredible!!

black quilt tele

I finally finished the 'Bastard' tele black Korina, Strat contours, Seymour Duncan Lil '59 neck position, Seymour Duncan 'Pearly Gates' at the bridge. Les Paul short scale neck, push-pull coil tap, El Dorado control plate and knobs, Gotoh split tuners, all in black. I put the tuners on backwards so that when you go to tune you'll remember it's name!! LOL!
She's a bit on the heavy side at 13 lbs but the tone is incredible!!
Dave Gray
Monroe Guitars - USA

Dave – monroe guitars

natural figured strat

Hey Peter!
It came today and looks awesome!!
I can't wait to install it!....
this is how it came out!
Maybe looking for another pickguard down the line for my other baby.
Thanks again!

Dave – USA

Here's a recent REVIEW

I received my pickguards today.
Thanks so much - They look really great!

Brian McC. - USA

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Here's a recent REVIEW on my pickguards from Tony McKenzie in the UK..... check out his website - he has reviews on alot of amps and guitars etc.....

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

The pickguard is flawless I'm very happy! I'll send pick when my strat is completed thanks!

Frank D., Quebec - Canada

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I just got it today. It's awesome looking !

I'll send you a pic after installation

Thanks !.... Mark K - CA - USA

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Thanks for keeping me informed. You guys are the best place I know of to get spectacular pickguards. Very dependable and great customer service. We love you guys! Thanks.

Best Regards,
David & Courtney Cox


It's beautiful.....

orange quilt strat

Dear Peter,

It's beautiful. When next you are willing to experiment with this kind of color, I will also buy, in addition to this one that I've already bought, another orange pickguard in flamed or curly maple. Okay.....? Thanks again for your patience and your hard work.

All the best, Chris G.

Chris G – USA

Andy ordered a custom set in Black burst bookmatched

black burst quilted strat  black burst quilt pickguard

The pickguards arrived today, that was pretty quick!  They look great!  I'll  let you know how the installation goes and hopefully have some pictures soon.  Thanks again!

Andy - Da'bluesman

Andy – USA

the last item of this dream guitar project...

black figured tele


Please find attached a picture I took this afternoon of my Telecaster with the last item of this dream guitar project in place, its Gilroy Pick Guard.  The new pick guard is excellent in all respects; construction, machining, finish, and fit.  I've worked on guitars for about thirty years now and this is as close as you can get to perfect with wood being converted from a tree, into something else, by humans.

Just for fun, and so you know who your pick guard is playing with:

Fender 'Custom Shop Designed' Baja Player Classic Telecaster in Blond.
Kluson/Tone Pros upgrade vintage style tuning machines.
Callaham Stainless Steel T-Bridge with upgrade compensated saddles and Callaham S.S. Round String Tree.
Gotoh Large Diameter nickel strap buttons (with custom cut leather washers, a signature touch of mine).
SoZo Vintage hand wound Mustard Caps in the Tone circuit.

Thank you very much for the fine craftsmanship, and do keep up the good work! ...... Philip L..  MN. USA

Philip L – USA

green quilted tele     honey thinline tele quilted

Have attached some photos of the green guard on my guitar.

Got the 'heart guard' put on the Thinline and it looks great.  Photo attached.
Once again. THANK YOU..

Jeff T
Old School Band - BECAUSE OLD'S COOL!

Jeff T – USA

Thanks again for an exquisite job!

bigsby tele birdseye maple

Hey Peter, Wayne here. That pickguard looks great. Thanks again for an exquisite job and hope to deal with you again!
Best regards,
Wayne A. - PA. USA

Wayne A – USA


Received today.  Perfect condition. Looks beautiful.  Thanks for the shielding.  Have yet to install.
Dudley G. - CA. USA

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
It came in just as you said it would. It was beautiful! I thank you for your prompt service. I am telling all of my friends here and anywhere I go that you guys rock!
Peace to you always
Dave Gray
Marshall County Hangmen – Monroe Guitars – Iowa – USA

It's the most beautiful pickguard I've seen...


Hi Peter - I received the pickguard . . . It's the most beautiful pickguard I've seen in my life! Really....
You had asked for a picture of the pickguard on my ‘52 reissue Tele. Well, I have something that may be even better.
You can see some nice shots of my Gilroy Guitars pickguard in our new Black Cat OD-1 video....

Here’s the link - I'm looking forward to doing more business with you.

Regards, Tom Hughes (a.k.a. Non-Digital Tom)
For Musicians Only - CT. USA

non-digital tom – USA

69 thinline quilt tele

Peter.. my Custom '69 Thinline ReIssue

From Robert C - TX. USA

Robert C – USA

I could not be happier with this pickguard....

black strat quilt pickguard

Hey Pete,

I could not be happier with this pickguard! The finish is flawless and it looks absolutely amazing. It has completely changed the look of my guitar. I highly recommend this to anyone who wishes to individualise their guitar.

Jamie R - ACT - Australia

Jamie R – Aus


I received the pickguard today.  It is beautiful.  I had a Strat already picked out for it, but now I can't decide which one to put it on.
I may be ordering another one soon.

John B - USA

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Hi Peter,

I got my pickguard, and love it.
Thanks for everything,

Mike B - USA

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

black figured strat Gerry-Rio-59

Hi Peter..

I received my order today ...it's beautiful.
I love it.  It's in x-treme pristine condition and it's gonna look sexy as hell.
Maybe I'll send you a photo when it's done.
Your service is excellent, very personal.

Gerry R - Canada

Gerry R – Canada

I am more than pleased with my purchase

Hell, Peter

The pickguard was waiting for me as I arrived home today.
My goodness - it's absolutely beautiful!
I simply held it in my hands to the light for several moments and admired it from every angle. I am more than pleased with my purchase and the fine craftsmanship that went into it.
Top marks all around - a really great transaction.

Sincerest Regards,
Marc M. - CO. USA

Marc M – USA

it looks as good as it plays and sounds

figured strat-type

Thanks Peter,
I have to say that the pickguard is perfect for the guitar, which was concieved as an improvement over anything available from '.......'.  It has a maple over alder tone-chambered body, straight-pull Steinberger tuners, 22 jumbo fret super curly maple/pao ferro neck, John Suhr pickups w/hum cancelling circuit and Kahler tremolo. Now with the addition of your pickguard it looks as good as it plays and sounds.  Thank you Sir, best regards.

G. S. - USA

Doc G – USA

The fit is perfect and the luster is deep and rich...

airline tuxedo

Hello again,

The pickguards have arrived and I was very pleased with both guards and the packing. I have mounted BK-1 and can already tell that this has been a labour of love for you.  The fit is perfect and the luster is deep and rich.  I have enclosed photos of the 'Tuxedo', happy to be back.
Many thank-you's for your wonderful efforts.
Peter W. - Canada

Peter – Canada

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