preparing to bookmatch figured maple
joining bookmatched strat pickguard veneers
joining the veneers
reflections in a red figured maple strat pickguard
Reflections on 'red figured'
quilt telecaster pickguard edge
Edges fully sealed and gloss painted
quilt tele
quilt tele pickguard edge

a quick tour....

How do we make our unique pickguards??

Not just a random piece of backed veneer glued to a sheet of plastic…..


But….. a long process that involves handling each pickguard around a hundred times from start to finish – maybe that’s why no-one else is making a similar product. The only way we found to make a 100% timber pickguard stable in all climate and weather conditions, was to start with a base substrate of our own custom multiple-layered timber. We build this up from hardwood veneers, using marine-grade adhesives, and bonded under extreme pressure. This gives the required added acoustic qualities of our pickguards. Our blanks are pressed so tight that they ring when tapped suspended – unlike plastic.


Book-matching – we typically make most of our pickguards in book-matched format. Birdseye maple and some Quilted maple are made as ‘one-piece’ face veneer…….


The veneered blank is then fine-sanded, stained, sealed and grain-filled etc… Multiple coats of filler/sealer are then applied, and after curing is sanded level, before multiple finish coats of Urethane 2-pak are applied. The rear has three coats of conductive sheilding/EMF paint – this helps reduce unwanted noise, and shields against the 60 cycle hum, radio or electrical interference.


After sufficient curing of the urethane finish, normally between two to three weeks, the face is then cut and polished to a mirror-like surface. The reflective finish is difficult to show in the standard display photos on the product pages.


All pickup routs, mounting holes and countersinks, are sealed with multiple finish coats to prevent moisture access. The outer shaped edges are chamfer-cut and also fully sealed, PLUS multiple coats of urethane. The edges  of our current production pickguards are finished in satin black. Pre 2011, chamfered edges were stained to match the veneer face colour.  This can also be customised to your individual design if required.


After completion, each pickguard is then photographed and catalogued – so the pickguard that you purchase IS THE ONE THAT YOU GET!

Each Gilroy Guitars pickguard is fully guaranteed against production faults by a full replacement policy for 12 months, not including general wear and tear.

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