early 60's Oz rock Lincoln and the Lawmen
1960 Lincoln and the Lawmen
1960 Sydney band Lincoln and the Lawmen
1960 - Tah-Dahhhh
60s Sydney band Adam and the Serpents
adam and the serpents 1960
gilroy guitars history, band 'The Premiers'
circa 1963 publicity shot


Gilroy Guitars started after a long association with music – I started in bands in Sydney’s eastern suburbs – in 1959 our first band was ‘Lincoln and the Lawmen’, hey… was not my idea… talk to Bill, aka ‘Lincoln’, our vocal.

We played mostly local dances, Friday and Saturday nights, weddings, parties, whatever.. moved on to the pub scene after a few lineup changes, gigged in country NSW Police Boys and other clubs….

‘Touring’ for us at the time involved cramming us and the gear into a big old ’49 Chevvy, and driving out west, playing weekend ‘gigs’, which were not called that at the time, then getting back just in time to start work Monday mornings.


The rock scene was in it’s infancy in Australia at the time – there were many band changes – line-ups, gear etc… you know the deal – same then as now I suppose.

I stayed as a part-time muso for ten years, until the family and other pursuits took over, but always had a guitar handy, plunking away at weddings, twenty-firsts and such. Followed many pursuits and ‘dreams’ in the meantime.. probably too many to mention.

Around 2006, I was looking for a quilted maple pickguard for my Strat.. something that would look nice on my Olympic White Deluxe… ‘gold’ maybe.

Could not find anything, so I started to make a few.. that ‘few’ turned into around fifty trial and error attempts… finally pinning down a process that just ticked all the boxes… high-gloss finish, full timber for resonance, strength and stability, and.. in various veneers… quilted, figured, and birds-eye Maples.

FAST FORWARD to 2016….

So now, at Gilroy Guitars we make a unique range of decorative maple pickguards, designed especially for Strat and Tele style guitars… Bass models are also available….

We’re a small, one-man shop, making our full timber FULLY FINISHED HANDMADE pickguards since 2007.
Now my wife Vivienne helps in the business, so we’ve come back to music after many other pursuits, farming, restaurants, potting, but it’s hard to give up the music and the love affair with the guitar . . . .

Give your guitar that visual lift you’ve always wanted.
Be amazed at the tonal increase too… complete the ‘tone circle’ (what I call it) by mounting your pickups on a FULL 100% wood/timber pickguard, with a beautifully polished Maple top.

100% timber means that you WILL get a tonal improvement… not a maple veneer merely laminated onto sonically dead plastic…!

Available in a range of colours, finished in premium 2Pak FULL GLOSS, and polished to a level that will enhance any instrument. Quilted, Figured or Birdseye Maple ‘guards for Strat and Tele are always available…

Please… ‘Contact Us’ us if you can’t find what you’re looking for.

Thanks for visiting our site….

Regards – Peter Dobinson