Gilroy Guitars Quilted Figured and Birdseye Maple Pickguards

Gilroy Guitars are the manufacturers of a unique range of decorative maple pickguards - designed especially for *Stratocaster and *Telecaster style guitars.

Give your guitar that visual lift you've always wanted - and be amazed at the tonal increase too - because now we can complete the 'tone circle', by mounting our pickups on a FULL TIMBER pickguard with a beautiful Maple top - stained in a range of colours, finished and polished to a level that will enhance any instrument. Available in Quilted, Figured and Birdseye Maples. *Strat pickguards are now available, with *Tele pickguards coming soon.

red figured stratgold quilt stratgreen figured strat

Each timber pickguard is multiple layered, so the warping that is common to many plastic pickguards just does not happen - yet they guage much the same in thickness as a premium plastic pickguard, at approximately 2.5mm.

All our pickguards are fully handmade, from the ground up. We do not simply apply a veneer top to a tonally inferior plywood substrate, or ANY form of plastic material either, for that matter. We begin with the selection of the multiple layers of dense timber substrates. These are then carefully bonded with marine-grade adhesives, then topped with quilted, figured or birdseye Maple veneers, other 'exotics' being used as they become available. The figured or curly maple is mostly bookmatched, as are our quilted maple pickguards, some however are 'one-piece'.... depending on what veneer stocks/availability we have on hand.

After staining, they are given multiple filler/sealing coats, then finished in multiple coats of 2-pak Urethane. After curing out, they are then polished to a high gloss to fully complement your guitar. The highly polished finish is extremely durable and hard-wearing.

All bevelled edge surfaces are fully sealed, and are now finished in multiple coats of Black satin-finish Urethanes, while all vertical edges, drill and rout-holes are fully sealed also. These additional treatments make your pickguard absolutely impervious to the usual guitar-playing grunge and grime - AKA - blood, sweat and tears.

When you purchase one of our pickguards, YOU WILL BE SHIPPED THAT ACTUAL 'NUMBERED' PICKGUARD that displays in the close-up photos - each pickguard is totally individual, a numbered 'one-off' piece, exclusive only to you....... 

If you can't find one to suit, please contact us. Lefty models are currently in manufacture - check back soon, or contact us for details.

Some of the finishes available . . . . .

red quilted mapleblue quilted mapleblue figured maplehoney quilted maplegreen quilted maple

Choose from *Strat models . . .

blue figured strat                  red quilted strathoney quilt tele

                       Modern 11 Hole                                   Vintage                                          Custom

*Tele models are now available . . . . .

natural quilt telecustom teleblue quilt thinline

All our pickguards are either rear-painted with electro-shielding paint, or come complete with a full-size 0.1mm aluminium foil shield. Either system gives full shielding against unwanted 60-cycle hum etc.... Just mount your pickups and controls and experience the TONE ! ! ! ! !

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12 Months Warranty - Fully guaranteed against production faults - Pickup options other than 'standard' Strat and Tele can be made as a custom service at no extra charge - please contact us as to your preference.

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